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Welcome to Body and Mind Zone!

Body and Mind Zone offers training in holistic therapies and Face Yoga workshops/classes in Plymouth.

Sarah has been offering her therapies since 2007, and is now focussing on running her training and workshops. (One to one treatments are no longer available).

Holistic therapies (or complementary therapies) can help with many health problems, and are particularly effective in helping people to cope with stress, anxiety, and pain. Holistic therapies are treatments that treat the individual as a whole, in order to induce a state of balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. They can benefit people who are trying to cope with specific health conditions, or can simply help with relaxation and maintaining or boosting your general health.

Face Yoga is a natural way of helping ourselves to look and feel as young as we can, whatever our age, and you will learn  facial exercises, plus self massage, self acupressure and relaxation techniques to help reduce lines, wrinkles, and to tone and lift, as well as improving our general wellbeing.

Body and Mind Zone is run by Sarah Parker, a fully qualified, experienced holistic therapist.


Learn to perform an Indian Head Massage on your family and friends! Informal one-day workshops will be running in Plymouth throughout the year.

An accredited route is also available, allowing you to gain insurance to offer treatments to paying clients.
This is perfect for massage therapists wishing to add Indian Head Massage to the therapies they offer.

Workshop price: £45 per person
(Extra fees apply for accredited route)

See Workshops for more details.




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Sarah Parker,reflexologist and complementary therapist

"I love what I do! I am passionate about what I do. It is so rewarding to see the effect these wonderful therapies have on people, whether aiming to improve health, help people cope, or simply to relax and unwind"

Sarah Parker




Complementary therapies are intended to be complementary to conventional medicine, and are not intended to replace either medication or traditional healthcare. Nor are they intended to replace proper diagnoses and/or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.



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